If you have an iTunes gift card and redeem it, you get the amount of points in the card credited to your iTunes store account. This credit deposited in your iTunes account can be used to buy items on iTunes store, ibook store, make in-app purchases, or App store. For example, if you have an iTunes store gift card, you get the hidden cord by scratching the back of the card and use the code to redeem your card. After redeeming the gift card, the user’s iTunes account balance updates automatically. In order for you to see your credit balance, you need to sign in and out of your device and check the balance under the apple ID.


Rewards 1.com is another site that supports iTunes codes: it sponsors the iTunes codes. When you sign up in the websites such as itgiftcards.org, you get a rewards 1 account . This account can be used to earn some points, when you do normal stuff, like shopping, playing games and watching videos; every time you participate on anything on the internet, you get free rewards. Someone might ask, how do i get started? well, you just sign up and activate your account, go to rewards 1 and you start earning points right away. It is that easy.

In order to earn points fast enough, you will need to target offers, coin offers and surveys. Then you can redeem them for your desired prize using the redeem menu. In short, rewards 1 is a site where individuals get rewards inform of cash and prizes, when they complete some sponsored incentives by getting points. The points received can be redeemed to get anything one wants. It is just that simple. In order to get your free iTunes codes, use the redeem menu, check your points, and if you have enough points, you can redeem them for your iTunes codes. These codes will be immediately emailed to you. And that is how iTunes codes works.